Welcome 2007!

Dear Friends and visiters,

i wish you a happy new Year and a lot of fun in 2007! minivox is back in 2007 in kind like a blog. The blog is the new trend to tell storys about his life or something else, said the TV-Station CBC. Why certainly minivox is also trend during the last 6 years. And now is minivox twice-trendy because minivox is a blog!!

During the last 6 years we changed our image sometimes but the slogan is the same like in the beginnings:

minivox live ... minivox schnell ... minivox ist immer aktuell

An old friend of me, would say in this moment: Tschüsli-Müsli

In this spirit...

Best wishes your CBC News man wish you a nice evening and we see us.

5.1.07 15:55


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